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loved him was called Doris. “Make haste, good Ninus,” said the veiled figure when she was left alone with the priestess. “I am trembling w


ith fright.” “Give me time,” muttered Ninus. “Do you suppose the gods can be invoked as we draw water or chop wood? It would be a pity,”


she added, pointing to the numerous articles on the table, “if all this should have been done in vain. I was obliged to bargain with and bribe

Nunc velit risus, dapibus non interdum quis, suscipit nec dolor. Vivamus tempor tempus mauris vitae fermentum. In vitae nulla lacus. Sed sagittis tortor vel arcu sollicitudin nec tincidunt metus suscipit.Nunc velit risus, dapibus non interdum.

— MIKE DOE e by the dim lig
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slaves. How else could I get a man’s shoe or the fringe from his upper garment? But to bargain and bribe....”


ht, among them wer


e metal bowls,


laurel branch


es, purple w
ool, an iron gridiron, some wax

Ninus paused


, casting a side-glance at the young137 girl, who remained silent. The priestess saw that she must speak more plai

ng made Hipyllos’ heart throb.

nly. “But

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to bribe,” she added, “requires money, a great deal of money.” “I haven’t any; I’ve never had money.”

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